Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take 2

Last month I had pictures of Katie taken along with pictures of the 3 of them. As I was with Katie I am a bit behind in getting yearly pictures done of the other 2. Since we have to drive 40 miles or so to get pictures done at JC Penny's my Beloved wanted to know why I didn't do them all at once. Well, there were financial reasons as well as just general crowd control reasons. I know you are thinking 3 little hard can they be? Let's just say while I need to focus on picking which pictures I like my back is turned and we all know where that leads...trouble! But I digress. :)

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves once again. Enjoy!

I had to laugh about how picture days go because we had enjoyed the early afternoon with some sweet friends at an indoor play area. My two came away completely sweaty and needing baths. Isaiah managed to grab that little scratch along the right side of his face and Kiersten acquired a few new bruises along her shins. Only on picture days can they accumulate marks on their bodies faster than imaginable. I should know better by now, shouldn't I? :) Ah well, things turned out cute despite the battle scars they both were displaying. I am confident it had nothing to do with a little bribery of a sweet treat if they followed directions and obeyed! :)


Margie said...

Sorry about the battle scars! If it helps, both of mine came home with battle scars as well. I am just hoping they fade some before any teachers would notice! Just teasing. We had fun with you guys and the pictures turned out so cute.

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