Thursday, August 27, 2009

Belated Birthday Girl

Kiersten celebrated her 7th birthday last week and I am late in getting some pictures of her up. (The tardiness might become the norm for posting as we started school this week!) It is cute because she is missing both her top and bottom left tooth so even though she is no longer little she still has that sweet little girl look.

She didn't have her own birthday party this year but rather she shared the family (my Beloved's side of the family) party with her older cousin Jacob. Even though the party was joint the cakes were not. :) Jacob had his ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen and Kiersten her Littlest Pet Shop cake. It was the best of both worlds.

Her big gift from us was a new bike. She had formerly been the owner of a little Dora 12" bike. See, at that start of the summer she still needed training wheels but wanted a bigger bike. I gave her the big NO because she needed to learn to ride 2 wheels on the little one before I would let her loose on the big bike. Well, that became her motivation to learn and was I ever hounded after she mastered riding with no training wheels! Sweet mother of mystery! She asked me that first afternoon she did it if we could go to Walmart when my Beloved came home and get a bigger bike. I mentioned garage sales and she was like so when are we leaving? It was hilarious and a good lesson in patience. I don't think the patience part stuck...but we tried. :)

Other than that she still is in love with all things animal. Don't let that Barbie up top fool you. If Barbie wasn't coming with the puppies there would be no interest in Barbie. :) So Littlest Pet Shop things ruled the day as did a sweet little pink pig she wanted because we had recently read Charlotte's Web. She named the little guy Wilbur too. :)

I am smiling reading my post as all the the gifts I mentioned have no picture! :) Well, you get the point...she had a good birthday and was spoiled. Not rotten, mind you, but spoiled nonetheless. Happy 7th Birthday Dearest Kiersten Girl. Birthday Blessings to you! We love you dearly.


Margie said...

Happy Birthday Kiersten! What a big girl. BTW, where did you get her cake? It is sooooo cute! Hopefully I will see you soon my friend. We need to plan another coffee morning this fall...

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