Saturday, September 5, 2009

So Polite

My Beloved and I have had a few good laughs over things the Biggest Man has said the last few days.

A few nights ago Isaiah chose to go upstairs rather than eat his dinner. He was simply having none of it and I wasn't making him anything else. So up he went. I left him there for about 30 minutes and then went to check and see how he was doing. We were hanging out for a short while when my Beloved came up with the Katie girl (who had been crying/screaming at the gate at the bottom of the stairs once she became hip to where I went to).

Isaiah had already asked me to help him set up this car loop-de-loop thing he has when they came up. We were all only in the room maybe 5 minutes when he pipes up and says, "Mom & Dad could you please take Katie and go downstairs?" Or it was, "Dad & Mom could you please get out of my room and go back downstairs?" You get the gist. He said it in the politest manner.

We both completely understood the whole unspoken conversation he really just had that said, "Look here you two I just had Mom set-up my loop-de-loop and Katie is going to ruin it. So would you mind taking her and yourselves (since she only goes if you go) and head back downstairs? Please? I love you and all...but cars are serious business."

We exchanged a grin, picked up Katie and headed back downstairs.

Then today we were out on the driveway with Isaiah and he was riding his bike. When he gets one wheel caught up on the grass he can pedal but the wheel just spins in midair. We were telling him, as we have a few times before, to jump off and move his bike off the grass and he can be on his way again. So this happens, the wheel on the grass, and he is just sitting there pedaling but going nowhere. Then he says to us, "That's O.K. I am just exercising."

Oh, how both my Beloved and I were tickled with that comment! The grin and chuckle were a nice way to begin our family filled busy Saturday which you'll be hearing about soon.

Hope you had a blessed and safe Labor Day weekend! :)


momma's heart said...

He's five? That is a great age for funny quotes!

Looking forward to hearing about your weekend!

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