Monday, June 7, 2010

The Cabin

Last weekend we made a trip 'up North' to see my Grandparents. They have this wonderful cabin with a little lake front beach. We didn't make it up there last year but vowed to do so this year...and hopefully twice. Once before the baby comes and then once again in early Fall.

I have to say there is something special about sharing a bit of my childhood with my own kids'. When I was younger we went nearly every year for almost as long as I can remember to The Cabin. If my mom had 2 weeks vacation we drove up there and spent the entire 2 weeks. It is just a wonderful and special place with a lot of good memories and laughter. (Back in the day there was no T.V. or phone and all you had for night time entertainment were games. Cribbage is a family favorite and was played often.)

My kids' seem to love being at The Cabin just as much as I did, and still do. They were eager to don their swimsuits and get wet. Let me tell you that lake is cold in August so it is more than a little chilly at the end of May...but kids' just don't seem to know any better. : )

Katie was particularly funny to watch because we were temporarily putting this life jacket on her until we retrieved the one from the car. (She doesn't look happy in this picture, but that is because she wanted to get up and was saying, "Lease!" to my asking if she would like some help.) Well once this baby was on she was not taking it off even though it looked completely uncomfortable. She couldn't tilt her head down at all because the jacket was right there and not moving. She couldn't get up from a sitting position or from her knees because the jacket impeded her motion. I was thankful she was in the jacket...but man oh mister it was a trial of sorts.

The other two did really well with their life jackets. My aunt and her family was there as well and her twin boys fall between Kiersten and Isaiah. They have a rule about being down at the dock and having their life jackets on at all times which helped us out in a huge way. It just became common to put the jacket on before even heading down to the water and there was absolutely no complaining about doing so! : )

The best part about being at The Cabin besides the quiet, slow pace of things, spending time with some wonderful grandparents and being away from it all is that you have to make no effort what-so-ever to entertain your kids. They will spend hours down by the water 'doing things' and playing. If you keep a cool drink nearby, sun yourself on the sand while playing life guard all will go smoothly and splendidly! : )

P.S. You know the trip was a good one when you are home less than an hour and your son wants to know when you are going back!


joanna said...

we love any variety of "beach" vacation too! i know exactly what you mean about the thrill of the kids entertaining themselves for hours... (ha - our current vacation isn't quite so chill - yet - but hoping it becomes that soon) hope you guys keep enjoying your summer!

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