Monday, June 28, 2010

Goings On

A lot and a little has been going on at our house these last few weeks. We’ve had dance recitals, birthday’s to celebrate, Father’s day and of course getting ready for B-day…that is Baby’s birth day.

Let’s start with the recital. Kiersten was in her first ever dance recital the middle of this month. We missed last year’s due to a family commitment we decided to honor. Well, this year was something new for me. Wow! What a production for a small town! We had rehearsals on Monday and Tuesday afternoon with the full show Wednesday and Thursday nights. Thankfully, and I mean thankfully, Kiersten was in the opening number and the one just after. So for each rehearsal and for the first night of the show we only needed to stay for less than an hour getting her ready and having her perform before being able to head back home. This was key for me because I had all 3 of the kids with me and the show started at the time we are normally getting ready for bed. (Beloved had a later working week and just wasn’t able to be home before 7pm each evening.)

She did fabulously. Really and truly she did wonderful. I was thankful for the bright, bright lights that didn’t allow my sweet girl to see how big the audience was and thus get more nervous than she needed to be.

I was also thankful for getting to watch the rest of the show with her the second night. After she performed she changed clothes and we became audience members enjoying seeing all that she might some day learn and be as a dancer. (Should she choose to remain one!)

During recital week it was my Dad’s birthday and the weekend following was Katie’s 2nd birthday along with Father’s Day. We celebrated with a little family party the day before and had leftover cake the day of. What a spoiled little girl she is- chocolate cake two days in a row!!! : )

One of my favorite things about little ones is how honestly easy they are to please and thrill. The night before the party I picked up a foil Dora balloon for her. (Dora is all the rage.) When we arrived home that night she played and played with the balloon, talking up a storm all the while. During all of this she turns to me, talking about her balloon, and loudly says, “Mama! I like it!” So funny and feisty that one is.

Other than celebrating accomplishments in dancing, age or being a Dad I have been doing things here and there to get ready for Baby. I still don’t have my bag packed just yet, a chore I will tackle this very evening. However, I do have the bed set up, the car seat in the car and I have purchased the littlest diapers known to man. Time will tell when he/she will make their grand debut. Honestly though, if another person makes some comment about the largeness of my belly or says to me, “When are you going to pop that kid out?” (Yes, Beloved, I am speaking to you!) I just might feel inclined to take physical action!

Don’t people know that it isn’t wise to contend with a woman at the end of her pregnancy? : )


mamabear said...

Precious pictures!

Margie said...

What a cute picture of Katie! Kiersten too. Just promise not to have that baby until I get back into town! I am bringing you all dinner one evening.

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