Thursday, April 7, 2011

Face Painting

I would have to say Zeke ranks up there with messy eaters. Oh, they’ve all had their moments, I mean what baby is a neat and tidy eater?

This is Zeke doing a little touch up on himself.

Face painting ah natural!

I would like to say this was an isolated incident, but well….

I would be lying! : )

If only he didn't look so cute (and happy) doing it!

 I will say those dimples make me want to smother him with kisses….but that will have to wait until I wipe him up!


joanna said...

sooo cute and messy, great pictures! in those first few months of solid/finger food, i have wondered with every kid - "how do people do this without giving their baby 3 baths a day?!" let's just say my only answer is that my kids are kinda sticky.

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