Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have two littlest men. A biggest, littlest man and just a littlest man. My biggest, littlest man (Isaiah) recently turned six. I love how he is getting big, or rather growing up, and yet isn’t growing up too fast. He still has a lot of little boy in him yet. : )

Things to note:

- His eyelashes are the longest of any of our children. They add a little something special to those sweet eyes.


- He has the most precious giggle, and I do mean giggle! Other children laugh, he giggles. Makes me smile just thinking about how it sounds.


- He has more energy and bounciness than ought to be right for any one child.

- His love for cars has not waned. Hot Wheels are still the in thing and color changers (cars that change different colors in warm and cold water) are tops just now.


- He has discovered and fallen in love with Calvin and Hobbes comics. His first nickname is ‘Calvin’ and his second….’Stupendous Man’.


- He has a faithful companion in his tiger, Hobbes. For a child who never had any use for stuffed animals of any sort it is cute to have him buckle Hobbes in the car, sleep with him, wrestle with him (because as I was told, “You know Mom, Hobbes isn’t real? Except for when he’s with just me?” He gets the whole Hobbes thing.) and then tell me Hobbes needs a bath too (a.k.a “Please put Hobbes in the washer?”).


- He still loves his big sister and thinks she is the coolest. He even made no fuss when she wanted to have a paper hat just like he and Hobbes. (You’d have to have a Calvin and Hobbes comic book handy to know Isaiah is wearing his in just the same fashion as Calvin. : ))


- He also loves his little sister. I suspect that has a bit to do with the fact that she is an action player. She runs around the house with him, hangs upside down off the furniture with him, jumps from things they both know they shouldn’t with him and in general gets crazy with him –which he likes and appreciates about her.

- He likes and enjoys his man time, his Dad and Isaiah time. I find that precious.

My biggest, littlest man won’t carry that littlest title around much longer. For now though? I’ll love and cherish all things 6 and still a tiny bit little about my Isaiah boy.


Margie said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Christine said...

Such a pleasure to read! I can see right through to your Momma heart!

I'll have to get my Timmy some of these comics to read so he can share them with Isaiah through letter writing.

Happy Resurrection Day! Wishing you joy as you celebrate with your family.

Christine said...

Dear Isaiah, I showed my children this post this morning and read it to them. They were all giggles at your hats and your Hobbes. I will check out some comic books so that Timmy will know who Hobbes is. You are very loved around here, along with your sisters and brother!

Happy Sixth Birthday!

Timmy's Mom

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