Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fit for the Queen

The long awaited tea set has made it to our house. Oh, I am sure you didn’t know it was long awaited, but it was. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for Kiersten and in fact I ordered it the first week in December on Amazon. They gave me the heads up it was backordered and would be a few weeks. (It was on sale.)

Long story short the 3rd week in February (yeah, you read that right) they cancelled the order. However I could immediately go on to Amazon and order it for the non-sale price and have it shipped a.s.a.p. (Rethinking Amazon for future purchases.)

Anyhow, the tea set. (Oh dear, sorry for getting off topic there!) I thought I would introduce you to it since it is so cute and is indeed fit to serve her majesty, the Queen. This isn’t the original tea set I ordered but rather one Kiersten herself picked out from a little shop here in town.


Now we haven’t as yet served tea in the tea set because Kiersten isn’t fond of tea. However, she is very fond of hot chocolate. So there you go. Hot chocolate it is! : )


The serving plate we grabbed at Goodwill. We needed a little something to set this fine china on. (Ok, you got me, it is porcelain not china. Sheesh! : )  )

It has come out on a few occasions after the older two had spent some time out in the snow (We got it back in March). Kiersten has generously allowed both her younger two siblings to share in the joy of having a spot o’ chocolate served in dainty dishware. Isaiah likes ‘tea parties’. I suspect is has everything to do with those little colored marshmallows you see above. (What they say about men is true for boys as  well: The way to a boy’s heart is through his stomach!) : )


I am hoping to set up some regular times for just the girly and I to take our hot chocolate together (minus the other troublesome troublers). That is the intention – mother/daughter time with a dash of chocolate thrown in. And the Queen? Well…. we’ll think about inviting her over some other time!


Christine said...

You picked out a beautiful tea set! How special for the two of you!

I was curious about what you wrote about Amazon. I ordered the children three simple drawing books for five dollars each, and in a few days, two of them came. The other, the one they wanted the most, was delayed. After a couple of months, they said it wasn't available from their suppliers, but that we could get the same book as an art set, with sidewalk chalk included, for 7 dollars and change. I ordered it anyway, but was annoyed at their tactics. I probably won't use them again either. I've never ordered more than six or seven things from them anyway. Maybe it wasn't on purpose, but it was annoying.

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