Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angry Pumpkins

Oh, yes they were! We had us some seriously angry pumpkins this Halloween.


Every art project we have done this Fall has in some way, shape or form revolved around Angry Birds. At least for Isaiah it has. I should take a picture of a few other projects just so you know I am not lying to you.

(If you don’t know what Angry Birds is, count yourself lucky! It is addicting. We only became aware of it because of the movie Rio. The DVD came with a little card on the inside giving a code that allows you to play a free demo game on the computer. The rest is history.)


Mr. Isaiah wasn’t the only one pleased with how our efforts turned out. When Husbandry came in the house he was chuckling over the black pumpkin. That was the one that got him. Katie liked Mr. King Pig.

Several of the people who visited our house and collected candy commented on our patio decorations. Guess we aren’t the only ones to have been sucked into playing the game.

But just so you don’t think us too sad or ridiculous here are the other pumpkins that we decorated. : )


I’ll leave you to guess which artist painted which pumpkin- Katie or Kiersten? Tough call, I know. : )


Margie said...

Love love love them! I tried to get Aidan to dress as an angry bird, but he just would not do it. Next year mom he says. I may have to copy your pumpkins next year.

Christine said...

Love the painting. A lot less work than carving! Good artistry around your house.

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