Friday, November 4, 2011

Love at First Sight

Oh they tried, those of kids of mine, to get my Beloved and I to love these crazy cuties as much as they did!


We went to this apple orchard nearby to grab a few pumpkins and, of course, some apples. : ) What we didn’t expect to find was a whole litter of baby kittens. These fuzz balls captivated all four kids’ the moment they were spied. Just look at Isaiah’s face. (Those red cheek’s tell me we should have taken that coat off sooner, but his facial expression says, “Can we please take one of these precious kitty’s home?”)


It is a good thing we have built up an immunity to any and all cuteness related to the kids trying to get their way!


(This poor cat owed me one after I rescued it from Zeke. The cat thought to meander away from his grasp and he not so gently grabbed what he could, that little tail was a perfect candidate, and started to reel that cat back in!)

This orchard boasted several different animals, several of which were behind mesh gates. It also had a small hay bale maze-ish type area for the kids to run and jump in as well as a nice little slide. All of these great attractions and they kept coming back time and again to pet and hold the kittens.

Isaiah said, “I just can’t help myself! I have to come see the kittens again.” I finally had to order the kids away from them because other people were trying to get a little lovin’ too. : )


I wish I had been able to get a picture of all four kids but Zeke was having none of staying still. That boy wandered the area like he was in his own back forty. My but he is an active one and he loves being outside.

The kids’ had a really wonderful time, the weather was excellent and we ran into a dear family while there. The latter part being something my Beloved and I were particularly blessed by.

All-in-all it was a gem of a day. It was quite the feat but we came away sans kittens , if you were wondering. They tried, I tell you, they tried. : )


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Really beautiful family!

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