Friday, November 21, 2008


Lately I have been wondering whether the lessons for Kiersten are really for me. It just seems like whether we are doing school lessons or going over church lessons (we get little cards each week with a memory verse, scripture and things to discuss) that the Lord is speaking more to me than to Kiersten. It has been good and has prompted me to get in gear on a few things - like serving within the church itself. I am thankful for the 'shout-outs' from the Lord and even more thankful that I am hearing them. My walk with the Lord hasn't always been strong or consistent. I always desire to spend time in the Bible and in prayer, but that doesn't mean I always do. It has been even more difficult to find the time with each child and then home schooling. All of which are only excuses, so I suppose it makes it all the more endearing that Jesus would catch my attention through those things that seemingly distract me or take my time away from Him. :) He is oh so good to me!

Anyhow, one thing that caught my attention was through a book we were reading called The Light at Tern Rock by Julia L. Sauer. It takes place just before and around Christmas time. The thing that caught my attention was that one of the characters always had a habit of cleaning the house thoroughly on Christmas Eve. It did not matter where they were - they readied the place where they were for the coming of the Christ child. The story was that instead of Santa visiting each home it was the Christ child whom would go to and fro through houses and visit. So this character wanted everything to be in tip top shape for when the Christ child would come. That is also why people leave candles and such burning on Christmas Eve, so that He can see the way to your house.

It just hit me and connected with me - getting and keeping my heart ready and clean for God. I have ready My Heart Christ's Home and it talks about my relationship with God using the picture of my heart as a house with many rooms in it. (If you want to read it, please click on the link.) It especially hits home as we approach Christmas and are trying to change a few things we do to celebrate, particularly with respect to gifts, giving and receiving them. I am just so thankful for all the little ways the Lord sneaks something in on me in the most loving of ways.

Speaking of lessons, and as a side note we were doing a project today for science around measuring. Kiersten had a picture of Gallon Boy but we just had to make a Gallon Girl :)
We used different scraps of colored paper for each measurement. She needed to add a buddy for Gallon Girl- it is a puppy.It is a neat way to remember the different measurements and how many of each equals what. I dare say I won't forget after this! It is a blessing to be able to do school with Kiersten and I cherish the things we get to do together and really just the time we get with one another. Well, I hear Katie crying so I need to run! Have a most blessed day and weekend!


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