Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

The kids had a really nice Halloween. Last year all Isaiah did was cry (probably had to do with waking him up from his nap so he could trick or treat!). This year he was a happy camper. He put on the costume, smiled, said 'Trick or treat! Thank you.' and walked most of the way. :) Here is Kiersten & Isaiah ready to go out.
Katie stayed at home with me and we just improvised on a costume for her. A girlfriend had had a birthday party and gave out these party costumes - tutus for the girls. Here is Katie modeling her tutu. She received many smiles and lots of, 'Ahhhh's.' She is just such a cutie.
Then of course I made the three pose together after they got back from trick or treating. The kids' only went for an hour of the 2 hour time. We had them come home so Kiersten could help hand out some candy. We have been struggling with Kiersten and gift giving. She is more than willing to receive, even if it isn't her birthday. She actually asks if she'll be getting anything. So we are striving to hone the giving spirit. Thus she came home to hand out candy. We have been talking a lot about the servant as it has been a topic in church for her. So we're on working on it and this was just one way to try. Moving on :)
Lastly is a picture of their pumpkins. Kiersten has been getting the Kids National Geographic magazine and in the back were different ideas on how to paint your pumpkin. She liked the puppy and Isaiah chose the ghost. Mom was supposed to have a pumpkin done too but it just didn't happen. This ideas works well because they were able to help with the painting, whereas the carving is all Mom or Dad. And yes, the kids did help me! :) K, hope you had a Happy and very sweet Halloween.


Becca L. said...

Such cuties! Those look like nice, warm costumes too! I love the pumpkin idea! Actually, you are much more ahead of the game than our family - our pumpkins remain on our porch - UNCARVED! See you soon!

Margie said...

Love those costumes and pumpkins! Very cute idea. I usually let the kiddos paint some pumpkins, but I just did not get to it this year. They got to clean the guts out of one though that Daddy carved for them. Glad to hear that everyone had fun.

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