Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shout Out to Grandma Darlene

Hi, Mom! I have been meaning to send a shout out to say I love you and am thinking of you! The kids' are too and are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas time. For those of you wondering why I have resorted to sending a note to my mom via the blog instead of emailing or calling - I shall tell you. My mom works overseas in a war zone for a company contracted by the military to do logistical things around bases and such. She has a position such that she receives more than 300 emails a day - so you see where sending an email gets me no where. :) As for the phone. There has been trouble lately with the satellite and our conversations this past month have consisted of 3-4 minute chats of broken reception followed by being disconnected. We play the game about 3X times and resign ourselves to try again another day. I could tell she had become quite accustomed to being cut off when I called back for the second time and she says, "Before we get cut off and I don't get to say it, I love you." Sure enough within 2 minutes we were. It made me laugh and also feel a little sad. For that is wisdom gained but loneliness with it. So I am writing to say, " WE LOVE YOU MUCHLY!" and we'll be sending a little holiday cheer out soon. Take care and get some rest, Mom. I'll try the phone again soon, promise. :)


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