Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Put to Shame

You know I think there is something wrong when the youngest family member can put the rest of us to shame with her stink! :) Katie is precious and I love her, but she has carried a foul smell when she makes 'stinkies', as we call them, ever since the day she was born. It is a like a black cloud that hangs over you when it happens. And often times she 'traps' me when I am feeding her and cannot escape.

I knew it was going to get worse since we just started her on cereal. Rather I knew when she went to the bathroom that smell would change. I went out to start the car this morning, to warm it up, and came back in to the living room where all 3 kids were. Immediately I asked Isaiah if he made business. Nope. Kiersten, did you make stink? Nope. Sure enough Katie had filled her pants in the few moments I was outside and had managed to change the smell of the entire room! Unbelievable. Let me just say for the record that she gets that from her father! :) And with that I shall sign off. :)


Margie said...

Oh Jess, how you make me laugh. Sorry we did not get a chance to chat this morning. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Becca L. said...

LOL! Katie girl will be oh-so-thrilled to know this when she is a teenager! Stink be darned, she is such a sweet baby!

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