Sunday, June 7, 2009

Whirlwind Visit

This past week we had a most pleasant surprise -my mom and her beloved made a quick visit to see the kids. As mentioned before my mom works overseas and comes home to the states for 10-14 day visits every 3-4 months. Now, that isn't true all the time, but that is my best guesstimate to give you a feel for how short a time she is home for and how often. Combine all that with the fact she lives about 100o miles from us and you can see why a visit is truly an honor!

So, they came in late Monday and were gone before lunch on Wednesday. In and out of the state in less than 48 hours. A whirlwind visit.

But oh the things you can pack into a whirlwind visit! The kids had so much fun. Isaiah clung to Grandpa like glue. I am sure it had some thing to do with the fact that Grandpa could throw him in the air, make him touch the ceiling and took him swimming. :) Grandpa is a good rough houser and my all boy loves that.

Now Kiersten, she loves Grandpa just because. But Grandma...she says Grandma is stylish. :) I have alluded to this before, how Kiersten sees the details of my mom. When she draws Grandma she puts things in like earrings, nail polish, lipstick- stylish things. Kiersten really digs that Grandma is a girls girl too.

During their short visit G & G took Kiersten and Isaiah out for a few hours, leaving me with just the Katie girl. I met up with them for dinner...after they went out by the lake, scared a pack of seagulls (which made Isaiah laugh like a loon), each picked out a toy from Walmart and then went swimming! Seriously, G & G are into the art of spoiling their only grandchildren (thus far). :) I can tell you my kids mind not in the least.

The older two also got to stay overnight at the hotel with G & G and were treated to another swimming time with Grandpa in the morning. I did mention they spoil them, right? :)

It was just good to see their sweet faces. We were so thankful they came, even if it was a quick trip. Thanks so much Mom & Denys. Although, how you managed to spoil us all so much in such a short period of time is a bit of a mystery. You must be good at the business of spoiling! :)

Thanks again and we love you muchly!


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