Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Not me! Monday’s strikes me as a fun thing to participate in every now and again and is time for another post. I have to confess this very morning I was thinking I had nothing of real interest with which to share. Silly, foolish, Jess. I needed to only take the family grocery shopping to Walmart whereupon I got trapped into my not me story. As with last time this definitely involves little Miss Katie.

I guess life was little too mundane around here and we needed some excitement. I mean Walmart trips are a dime a dozen, are they not? Not this time. Most certainly not this time.

Katie was just sitting in the cart hanging tight while I ordered cheese from the deli (the other two were scoping out the cakes and such). When I finished and wrangled the other two back to the cart she didn't start crying. I didn't accuse Kiersten of bumping/hurting her as she got back in the cart only to realize Katie had most certainly not gotten her sweet little ankle caught between the metal bars just outside the designated leg areas up top!

Her ankle hadn't swollen and couldn't slip right back out. She wasn't crying so loud we were drawing a crowd. I did not try to pull a Wonder Woman and attempt to pull the bars apart to see if I could gain a wee (ahh, the Scottish slip in!) bit of wiggle room in order to free her very reddening ankle. (Thankfully her toes were not turning blue- so there was no need to panic even further.)

There were not seriously 4 or more employees trying to help me. One dear lady from the deli, older lady of course, suggested some butter or oil (were we not in a grocery store for heaven's sake?!) to grease her up. Out comes another dear deli worker with a cup of oil...she did not lather Katie's ankle up so good it looked like she needed to be baked. And it didn't work so well that within 30 seconds she was free! (Thanks Lord! Seriously, I appreciate that that was all that was necessary. For a minute I was not thinking we were going to have to call the Fire Department to cut her out!)

Ah, this incident did not remind me of another time a child of mine (Kiersten) got her head stuck at Applebee's and it took us a minute to get her out- no oil or butter necessary. And people say boys are trouble!

Honestly, where would the excitement in my life lie if it were not for my children to get my heart racing every now and again? :) I certainly hope your Monday was slightly less eventful than mine! Have a blessed afternoon. :)


momma's heart said...

Praise God for the wonderful employees you encountered!

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