Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun in the Sun

As mentioned we recently took a trip out to North Carolina. We stayed in Emerald Isle...a strip of land just off the coast of N.C. The drive was gorgeous...especially through Kentucky and parts of Tennessee. We skirted Great Smoky Mountain National Park, so you can imagine how beautiful that was. Trees seriously everywhere.

A quick side note in talking about the beauty of all we physically saw in nature around us. My beloved and I are apart of a study this summer called The Truth Project, put together by Focus on the Family. Anyhow, it has come up on more than one occasion about the beauty of God's creation testifying to the wonderful God who created it. How it is plain to man...that God exists just solely based on what he can see around him. (Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.) Isn't God just awesome that way? He doesn't need a word to be spoken...just His glorious creation says it all.

Alright, back to our trip. We stayed a mere row of houses away from the actual beach front so it was no trouble to don some sandals and head to the beach.

Kiersten was no worry as far as the water was concerned. She has no real interest of going in too deep or too far. (Hopefully the start of some swim lessons in a few weeks will help diminish some of her fear of water.)

Isaiah on the other hand was constantly running in and out of the water. You definitely had to keep a good eye on him and be close by. He just didn't get how powerful the waves were and how they could literally knock him off his little feet!

That isn't to say he ran out farther than calf deep, because he didn't. But even just that deep and the waves came close to taking him down. He just loved being in the water.

We, my Beloved and I, each got to spend a bit of quality time with Isaiah as Kiersten wanted to hang out with the older girls, my cousin Becca and her friend Savannah. Katie took her 2 naps a day and wasn't much of a beach bum- which left just the biggest man. :)

One of the best things about being around Isaiah is hearing his most contagious giggle. He would laugh and giggle when the waves would chase him. He would laugh and giggle when we would kick at the water. He laughed and he giggled and we smiled and just enjoyed him.

The few times I did get some alone time with Kiersten we picked seashells. As you can see there were just tons of them. Each new high tide took some out and then brought more in. Many of them crushed...but there were always a few treasures if you looked closely. We were especially on the look out for shells with natural holes in them so that we could make a bracelet or necklace out of them. The bag full of shells we brought home will be displayed in a glass bowl in the kids bathroom which is fish/ocean themed, if you will.

My Beloved was on the quest to find a whole sand dollar. He found bits and pieces of several but never a whole one. (We did the cheesy thing and bought one for him at one of the many touristy gift shops to bring home. Isn't that love in action? :))

And just to prove Katie went with us here she is on the beach. I think it was one of her only times out there as she just didn't seem to enjoy herself. The feel of sand on her bare feet just wasn't her thing. Crawling and walking on it? Out of the question. It just didn't seem right not to show her too, even if the picture is a poor one.

I must mention the first morning we were there, as I waited at the house while Katie slept, my Beloved and kids went out to the beach and saw a school of dolphins! The girls, Becca and Savannah, also found a jellyfish washed up on shore. They tried to throw it back in the water only to be stung by the already dead jellyfish. So later on in the week when they found another one, and no I did not see that one either, they wisely left it alone.

What a wonderful week! More on it later. Blessings to you!


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These pictures all are gems! Glad you had opportunity for relaxation.

Thanks for the kind note.

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