Monday, July 27, 2009


Hey friends...I just really want to share with you and have you join me and countless others in praying for baby Stellan. His situation is dire at this point. Jennifer & her beloved have called family to come to the hospital- that's how serious his condition is today. So I am beseeching you to pray for their family as often as they come to your minds today.

You can see all that is happening if you follow Jennifer (MckMama's) twitter account. You can also follow her blog to hear how the family is doing.

I cannot explain my attachment to this family other than to say she is a fellow sister in Christ. That combined with being a Mom speaks to me on so many levels. Thanks for your prayers!

Stellan is being airlifted out to Boston (from Minneapolis). That is where the main specialist physician is who performed the ablation on Stellan's heart only a few short months ago. Keep the prayers coming!!!


Margie said...

On the list! I have been keeping up with them the last few months as well.

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