Friday, July 17, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

And fun they did have. This past weekend was all about the girls...sorry Isaiah. What had originally started out as a belated birthday party for Katie with the family turned into a busy day. We had dancing out at Krazy Daze as well. It is big sidewalk sales for businesses and is somewhat like a small festival. I am sure that doesn't make sense but it is the best I can do to explain it.

Anyhoo, Kiersten's dance instructor sets up a stage in the street and the kids perform their recital numbers. Since Kiersten missed the recital due to our trip to N.C. I really felt that regardless of how much it would add to the craziness of the day- we were doing it. So we had a quick lunch with some family (when you grill out it simplifies life) and then headed down to the sale/dance.

Kiersten did wonderful! It was her first time ever performing in front of a large group of people. When she practised earlier that morning it was hard to watch her because she didn't dance as confidant as she had just that morning at home. So when it was all said and done I asked her if she was nervous, or had been. She said at practice she was but she was better when they preformed. What a trooper!

This is most of her dancing class, although not all. Kiersten is in the back left. I have to tell you that this little boy was hysterical. The number they performed has a singing/motion beginning and then gets to the tap dancing the second half. He belted out the song with such gusto! You honestly couldn't hear any of the other kids because he held center court on that part of the performance. It was sweet and so kid like.

After the dancing it was back home for some cake and ice-cream.

At this point in the day Katie was pretty done but hadn't wanted to take that second nap. So she isn't as smiley...but she didn't cry either.

But even with a lack of sleep one is always up for a piece of cake...or just the frosting. Whatever works. :)

And what fun is cake if not to get it all over your face and in your hair? I mean, honestly, who doesn't need a good cake shampoo every now and again? :) Maybe it is all just a ploy to get a bath...because as with the other 2 bath time is something she enjoys. Hmmmm....

Here is a picture of Katie giving some lovin' to Grandma. Grandma's hair is so short because it is just growing in after chemotherapy. It was good of Katie to send some sugar her way as she was quite hurt when early on Katie would cry when she merely looked at Grandma. And be held by her? Oh no! That did not happen. But the neighbor lady across the street from Grandma...she could hold Katie no fuss or tears. Katie is trying to help Grandma forget their was a time she wasn't as fond of her. She bats those little lashes and smiles her minx smile working her magic on Grandma....and slowly but surely Grandma is getting amnesia about those early days. Way to work it girl!


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