Monday, July 6, 2009


We had planned on hitting one of the North Carolina Aquariums while down South since the kids have never been to an aquarium. The weather provided a perfect afternoon to do just that. So off we went to Pine Knoll Aquarium just a few miles from where we stayed.

Even with this fun adventure...I was feeling a bit crabby. :) Hermit crabby that is!

As a matter of fact it seems that every one except my Beloved felt just the same. (Beloved just wasn't having any of this picture posing in the crab business. That is okay, I have what looks like him being chewed up for a shark snack! 1st picture above)

We saw all sorts of beautiful things - jellyfish, sea horses, tropical name it we saw it! The kids even had a little education on the Horseshoe Crab. I know this because my Beloved was more interested in what they learned as it applied to chemistry. (My Beloved's chosen field of education.) It seems the Horseshoe Crab has blue blood as it is copper based whereas our blood that is red is iron based. Anyhow, the guide picked one right up and showed them the underside of the crab and gave them an anatomy tour as well. Just as an F.Y.I. it isn't really a crab. Now is that not a deceiving name if ever you heard one?! :)

We had a wonderful time and hope to visit another aquarium on adventures later this summer. We'll see if I find myself in a better know a little less crabby. :) Have a good day!


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