Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday (1st edition)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Not me! Monday’s strikes me as a fun thing to participate in every now and again. So here is our first go. I will confess that this a joint post between Katie and myself. Since I haven’t written much about the youngest of our clan lately I thought this would be a cute way to let you know what she has not been up to. :)

So, Katie does not love to pull the pictures I had so nicely put up on my refrigerator door. I mean the almost perfect line of pictures 3/4th of the way up is no indication of how high up she can reach now. (Yeah, that lone picture on the bottom…no idea how it has survived. I will say that it once was pulled off but then was put back on. It is a picture of another baby so maybe that is it. Who am I to question the mind of a child?)

Katie does not drop a bazillion Cheerios® all over my floor as she is eating them. You would be sooooo amazed at how this little girl keeps everything on the table, spills nothing on her bib/shirt and never gets any food all over her hair or her face. I mean I never have to change her clothes after every any meal. Little miss neat and tidy she is.

I never let the Cheerios® sit on the floor for any length of time. I always grab broom and dustpan just after she has eaten and get it cleaned up. That way she could not come back and eat up off the floor what she so graciously did not throw off of the table earlier. It is in no way a snack for later type of situation.

And she most certainly does not race me to my pile of flotsam I have just swept up to find any remaining Cheerios® and stuff them in her mouth. I mean who would dare challenge her mama to a race to see who can clean the floor the fastest? Not my baby girl! No sirree.

She does not like to clap…just randomly or because someone says, “Yeah!” For the record she doesn't smile while doing it either. She doesn't use this clapping skill to encourage her older sister as she is dancing. (One of the first set of moves – point, together, point, together, hop, clap, clap- gets her started and she doesn't stop until the dance is done. Big sister's own personal cheering section.)

You do not see chairs moving across our dining room floor as if a ghost were moving them because Katie is in fact using them as a walker and you just couldn't see her little head because the table was in the way. And as she is not walking the chair around she most certainly does not lose her cool and scream in frustration when the chair hits a wall or the carpet line and will go no further for her. She is way to patient for that.

And while we are on the topic of not screaming….she does not throw full body fits and bite the carpet when something is taken away from her or she doesn't get her way. She in no way has a quick temper (and for the record neither do I! Not me!).

Oh, and she completely did not wake up at 5:40 on Mother’s Day a total crab apple to a cranky Mama. Her Father did not quickly give me the cutest card from her signed with his left hand – so it would look like little kiddie scrawl. It did not help my mood and I did not smile over it!

So that is what Katie is not up to.

I do feel the need to tell you quickly what she is. My Katie girl is such a sweetheart. She has this incredibly beautiful smile. The grin, even better. She makes me feel like a million bucks each time I come to get her from her bed and she is already squealing with delight because she merely heard me on the stairs. As I open the door she showers me with this huge grin and giggle. She is my #1 fan (well, I do have 2 other fans…but they aren't as adoring of me as she is) and I have to say the feeling is mutual!


Kristi said...

So cute, I my 1 year old eats Cherrios out of the pile of stuff in the corner where I push everthing after swifering.

See you around Mcmama's


Margie said...

Gotta love that Katie grin! I have considered doing the not me Monday as I have another friend that does it from time to time, but my Mondays are too packed as it. It looks so fun though. Cute pictures Miss Jess!

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