Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Time is a Charm

This weekend I pulled Kiersten lost her third tooth. The other two teeth, both bottom ones, had the big tooth pushing them out. So by the time she lost the tooth you couldn't even tell because the big ones had already grown in. But not this time! :)

As funny as it is I have been longing to see a little gaped tooth smile from her. I find it absolutely precious. I cannot explain why but I think it might have something to do with it making her look younger. Anyhow, she wears the missing tooth smile quite well.

And in my defense for pulling helping her lose her tooth if you look at the pictures above (disregarding the blurriness of the one directly above) you'll see her gums above that tooth were becoming quite red. We were starting to seriously worry about infection and a subsequent traumatizing visit to the dentist. It had been lose for weeks and no matter how much we encouraged her to wiggle it with her fingers (she would only use her tongue) it just wasn't coming out. I did put baby Orajel® on her gums before pulling wiggling it out. She didn't feel a thing and still loves me. So it couldn't have been that bad! :)


momma's heart said...

She's a lovely girl! Daniel is losing teeth and also has reddened gums. Maybe normal for this stage, since the adult teeth are coming through? I dunno. Cute post!

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