Thursday, May 7, 2009


This was the subject of Kiersten's last official journal writing of the year. Journal writing is where she goes it alone. She decides what she wants to write about and without help from me does so. This time I didn't have to provide any ideas on what she could write about. She had one of her own and didn't need me to encourage her to do it. Normally I have to psych her up for journal writing as she doesn't like not being able to get help with spelling. The result was sweet and all girl. I think you'll agree. So without further ado - Pink by Kiersten

I just love pink. Do you nowe why I love pink? Well I'll tell you. Thair are stuff that is pink. My dogs are pink. Some of my stuffed animls nosees are pink. My cradle is pink. That's all I will tell you about pink.


Margie said...

How cute is that! Tell Kiersten that we (Ainsley and I) love pink too!

momma's heart said...

Great job, Momma! She is a wonderful speller!

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