Saturday, May 23, 2009

Little Miss Nosey

I think this describes our curious little Katie to a T. I do realize it most definitely has something to do with her age... but not all of it.

One of her big things to get into is the dishwasher. That girl can hear the squeak of the door a mile away. You try to be so sly and silent opening it up and low and behold you hear a thump, thump, thump (the quick kind that lets you know she is on a mission) coming from the dining room. In some ways that is nice as it lets you know you have about 30 seconds to finish up and get that baby closed.

When she reaches the dishwasher she either fiddle faddles with all the silverware or it is up and in- as you can see below.

The funny thing is my mom has pictures very similar to these of me at close to the same age crawling in my Grandpa and Grandma Smith’s dishwasher! I suppose the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. :)

Not only is Katie fascinated by the dishwasher but she also has a thing for the cupboard just next to it- the coveted corner cabinet. The door pulls open, which if it is not closed properly tightly she easily opens it and has a hay day with all the things she can pull out, tip over or bite on. One of her favorite things to get in is the brown sugar. I think she has punctured a few wee holes in it and enjoys a sweet treat as she bites/sucks on the bag. (Side note: I had to use the word ‘wee’. We have some Scottish friends and I adore the accents and little sayings they use. Since the accent is a little harder to pull off I thought I would ‘borrow’ a few sayings. Silly I know, but it makes me smile. The little things really do matter!)

Back to Little Miss Nosey.

She also has managed to tip over and spill my oats and even broke open a bag of cake flour- which is what you see all around her here.

She had a blast ‘playing’ in the flour and got it everywhere. I had already taken off the navy fleece pants she had on when I snapped these pictures. And after all the fun was had Little Miss Nosey took a trip to the bathtub (another place she thoroughly enjoys to play) for some clean-up.

Here is a lasting reminder of what my little gremlin looked like after a fun filled nosey morning.


Margie said...

Love the little Gremlin picture. Miss Katie is such a cutie. How could such a sweet face ever cause you trouble!`

momma's heart said...

This is soooo precious. She will dearly love you for capturing it! So will her own kids.

mummyof5monsters said...

thats so cute! my son is a dishwasher fiend too:)love the photos!

Becca L. said...

Oh, it would be so hard to get upset at that sweet mischieviousness! It's a good thing children are so cute - God gave them a built in defense mechanism!

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