Sunday, May 10, 2009

Where's the Love?

I ask you, where is the love? The Katie girl awoke at a bright and chipper time of 5:40 this morning. I will say it was to a very unhappy Momma. And the thing that makes it wrong in more than one way is that she was a very unhappy Katie. Isn't that like adding insult on top of injury?

Ah well, that is the price I pay for having thrown her off her schedule to go and visit our in-laws yesterday (early Mother's Day get together). It was worth it though, for you should have seen the joy and smiles that radiated from my mother-in-law's face.

They have been so lonely throughout Ma's chemotherapy these last several months. I think yesterday felt 'normal' to them. As if things were finally back to how they used to be. Even though Ma still has no hair, looks exhausted and has radiation yet to go she beamed as if all was right in the world. It was good to see.

Well, I need to run as the Katie girl just went to sleep, my family is off to church and I am going to take an early morning nap! :) I guess that in and of itself is a rare treat and a wonderful gift. I'll take it!

Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies out there! Hope you had a most blessed day.


Margie said...

Happy Mother's Day girlie! Missed you this morning and see you soon.

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