Thursday, May 21, 2009

Total Trooper

My Isaiah boy is a total trooper. I wasn't so sure if that was going to be the case when I felt a loving nudge from my husband to wake me with the words, "Isaiah's crying." I, of course, could not hear him at all nor did I until I reached the bottom of the stairs.

Anyhow, when I got upstairs I didn't put two and two together (as is often the case when it is well past midnight and the sun is not yet shinning). So after calming him down I laid with him for a little while and low and behold he starts to throw-up! Ahhhh, so that is what that wet spot on the bed was when I first came up!

And can I just say I have never seen anyone so calmly throw-up? I have thought this each time he gets sick. He doesn't complain/whine (a rarity, I assure you), cry or do anything but merely tilt himself to face the bucket and do what needs to be done. It is amazing.

We were up for at least an hour getting sheets changed and things settled back down. When he got up this morning it was obvious he still didn't feel well and that he hadn't had enough sleep. As he was the sick one he picked out which movie we would watch- Cars. He fell asleep in the middle and slept soundly for at least 2 hours. That rest did him wonders and by the end of the day he was my Isaiah boy again. What a trooper!


Margie said...

Awww, poor Mr. Isaiah! I am glad he is feeling a bit better. Sounds like we have both had a rough couple of days.

momma's heart said...

He is a trooper! Even as an adult, I hate to throw up. Feels terrible and scary. Hopefully he keeps everything down now.

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