Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Breeze...

makes me feel fine. :) Okay, so it wasn't a Summer breeze but that is how the songs goes.

This weekend brought nicer weather and I was able to take advantage of it along with the wind. I do so enjoy the smell of freshly wind dried clothes. Although I have to say the smell of sheets hung out on the line is even better. I can't explain why, it just is.

And I just want to mention that I was conscious of your viewing eyes and made sure to get a picture with no 'unmentionables' showing (I still want us to be friends!). :) It would only have been my Beloveds unmentionables as the little ones and mine were safe and sound in the dryer along with the socks!


Margie said...

My Mom use to dry clothes on the line when we lived in Pa. When we moved to Houston, line dried clothing did not smell so nice...thank you pollution. Not to mention the blazing sun would bleach clothing out quickly. What a nice memory you sent me this morning!

momma's heart said...

I love this post, and I love your writing style. Always a good read!

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