Saturday, June 27, 2009


**Update** They checked his heart and other than a very minor vein blocked (pretty sure not the cause of pain) everything looks o.k. Another concern they are dealing with is his blood pressure - it was spiked fairly high (220/1-something- sorry for vagueness) but didn't remain that high. This causes some problems for putting him on blood pressure medication because it isn't always high. So in the meantime when he is not spiking they have to make sure the dose doesn't make his pressure too low. They are also doing an MRI, I believe, to see if there are any blockages within his brain causing mini-strokes or anything to that effect.

We did stop down to see the folks after a family graduation party on Saturday. Both seem to be relieved he is in the hospital where he can receive the best care and be monitored in case something should happen. Pa looks good- although I did let him know Ma was going to give him a lickin', an over the knee one, when he gets home for not speaking up earlier in the week when he first started having chest pains. She mentioned a 2X4 would do about right! :) Boys, what are you gonna do with them?

As of today it looks like he'll head home tomorrow. It all depends on the MRI and blood pressure situation. We'll see. Thanks for all the prayers...keep 'em coming! :) Have a blessed morning

Just wanted to ask for prayer for my father-in-law. My mother-in-law took him to the hospital this morning because he was having some chest pain and just wasn't wanting to get ready or do much. She immediately became worried as he had a quadruple (I believe) by-pass just over 7 years ago now. So his heart is always something of a concern. Anyhow, he has been admitted and is being monitored. He seems to be doing okay, but they will keep him there overnight on continuous monitoring to be sure. My MIL was a bit of a wreck...with worry and stress, as you can imagine, so if you could also say a quick prayer for her as well.

I have mentioned these two before and their wonderful milestone of love... thanks again for lifting them up to the Lord with me! I'll post more as I know more.


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