Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary

Wow, if that is not a feat in today's society I don't know what is! It is amazing to see these anniversaries be celebrated. :) My mother and father-in-law have been married 50 years (September 27th). We had a family shindig that turned out pretty well. My in-laws did not want much in the way of a party and so we honored their wishes and just made it a small affair of immediate family and a few neighbors.
We got the reactions we wanted, at least from my mother-in-law. See, my beloved and I went down to their house a few weeks ago while they were out of town to steal their wedding album and some old pictures of each of the kids' and the entire family. My unsuspecting in-laws returned home only to notice the wedding album missing, which we had to quickly explain for my mother-in-law gets over worried with all sorts of ideas. Anyhow, what we did was use an old wedding picture and had it screened onto the cake. Here the lovely couple is below:

Then we used all the other pictures combined with ones from each of the six kids' to make a photo book on Did it turn out awesome! And with all the pictures and commentary my mother-in-law was in tears :) She loved it. A truly priceless gift and an unexpected one. One of my favorite things is how their wedding album ended. Seen here.

So that is just how we ended out album. We took a modern picture with their shoes under a very similar bedspread. 50 years side-by-side and going strong. What a blessing and testimony to all of their children and their children's children! Happy 50th Anniversary Ma & Pa!!!


Margie said...

Oh how sweet! I just love the old wedding photos. Glad the shindig was enjoyed by all.

Becca L. said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear everything turned out so well! Love the picture of the shoes!

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