Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Wonderful Day in the Sun

We enjoyed a beautiful Labor Day weekend! Saturday we just hung around the house, but Sunday was busy. We went to church and then off to the beaches to check out a local kite show. It was beautiful and the water was just perfect. The kids' had a fun time playing in the water and digging sand up on the beach. We had so much fun we headed back out to the beach on Monday night for a picnic dinner and a little more playtime. :) Here we are enjoying the beauty of the day and the kites!


Margie said...

Weren't the kites just great! I'm glad that you guys got to enjoy them. Next year we need to plan better and meet up over there. Thanks for the call yesterday, we ended up having a pretty good day over here.

Becca L. said...

Seeing all these pictures makes me sad that we didn't make it out there. What a great day for your family!

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