Thursday, September 25, 2008

The KK Girl

As promised here are a few drawings I came upon one afternoon. The whiteboard was out and Kiersten went to town. She is funny because it is all in the details for her. You'll notice both she and Isaiah have buddies and she has a bow in her hair. I think those are supposed to be earrings in her ears, not sure, but a good guess. Anyhow the pictures were precious and I couldn't pass them up.

Here is her first story as narrated to me:

The Possum and her Friends by Kiersten
It's about this possum. The possum's name is Emily. And she lived in this tree. She buys some toys from the toy store. And she plays with them. She has friends to play with. Their names are Elizabeth, Emmy and Twinkle. They love going to the Eiffel Tower to play. They also watched the parade with fireworks. They always read at bedtime like we do. They sing songs at bedtime and read stories too. They fell fast asleep. They lived happily ever after. The End.


Margie said...

Very cuter pictures and story! Hope you guys have a great weekend.

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