Monday, September 22, 2008

Super Size Carrot Cake

It is not believable until you see it. My beloved and I went out to a Fish Market chain restaurant to celebrate his birthday. The food was wonderful and the hour away from children even more so. We had known there would be a free appetizer/dessert something before we went but hadn't put much thought into it. When we finished dinner the waiter asked about a dessert on the house and recommended the carrot cake. I always love carrot cake but wasn't sure if my beloved wanted something chocolate. He went ahead with the recommendation and I have to tell you we about died laughing when it arrived at our table. This is no lie- it was a 7 layer round piece of cake that had to have been about 1/6 the entire cake. It was HUGE and oh so delicious. It is not often you have to ask for a box to take dessert home because you couldn't finish it. Amazing.


Margie said...

Oh how funny! Miss B would love it I am sure. Hope Dan had a great birthday and that you guys had a gret time out. I won't be at bible study tomorrow, but maybe we can get together later in the week!

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