Monday, September 8, 2008

O.K., Not Everything is Cute

As much as I have raved about Katie, not everything she does is cute. Do you believe it?! :) This morning I was burping her only to discover a few minutes later that she had spit-up so much that not only was my shoulder wet but there was a trail (seriously, I am not exaggerating) half way down my back. That cold wet feeling does not appeal to me, especially when I know it is spoiled milk. Of course that wasn't all the spi- up. As I am changing her Isaiah goes to the couch and says, "Ew! Gwoss!" Katie had managed to still project some spit-up, other than that which soaked me, onto the couch. Amazing and not really all that cute. :) Oh well, it would be too good to be true if she didn't have her not so cute ways to.


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