Saturday, August 30, 2008

Isn't She Lovely?

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?....That song is playing in my head as I look at pictures of our sweet Katie girl. She is a gem. A real peach and a plum. :) My beloved and I have been so enjoying Katie as a baby. When she focuses just right on you you can always tell because she breaks out in the sweetest of smiles. Here are a few pictures of the lovely lady.

I have to say she is making my case for baby #4 real easy! Why #4 you might ask? Well, simply for the fact that 4 is an even number and it just suits me. My cousin told me, when I said we were going to have a third, that we simply had to have a fourth (with no prompting for me!). Her reason was that if we ever went somewhere, say Disney Land for example, then everyone would have someone with whom to ride. No one would ever be the odd man out. :) Don't you love the logic? :) I do. Thanks for all the help, you sweet Katie girl you.


Becca L. said...

You are such a braver woman than I, but I must concur she is definitely a sweetheart!

Margie said...

What a sweetpea! Love those Katie girl smiles. I have to agree with Miss Becca, you are much braver than I am. Heehee, but I always say with B in the house I have 3 children already!

Anonymous said...

She IS lovely! Great blog, Jess. I'm glad to see life/God is treating you so well. And I love that you're game for another. As one of 5, I know I enjoyed having several siblings. Graham and I are already expecting our first bambino! Coming to a hospital near me...April 8...The Legend lives on...Baby Hopper. Kat

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