Friday, August 8, 2008

Such a honey

That Katie girl is a real sweetheart of a baby. I am so thankful for how sweet and calm (for the most part) baby she is. The Lord has given us 3 blessings and this last one is equally as precious as the previous two.

It has been fun to just enjoy her. I don't remember taking the time to enjoy Isaiah - of course there is probably a good reason for that :) Although with Kiersten things went slow and we are able to relish our time with her. The Lord really has given us more patience with Katie and we are both having fun watching her.
She does give the sweetest of sweet smiles now. Her whole mouth opens up wide and she kind-of gives a little squeak at the same time. I know I am partial, as I am meant to be, but she is beautiful. Here she is resting....I don't think my beloved and I are the only ones enjoying Katie :)


Sandy said...

I know of a little prince named Jacob, who would love to meet princess Katie and become really good friends.

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