Monday, August 25, 2008

Up North

Last weekend we went up North to my grandparents cabin. My mom, her beloved and my two brothers were there along with my grandparents. It is so nice up there. We haven't been in 3 years and just needed to get up there to see my grandparents. The place never changes. As a kid growing up this is where we took our vacations. Every year. So it is pretty special and holds a lots of memories for me.

Here is a shot of Kiersten and Isaiah out in the canoe with my brothers. You can't see the boys' too well, but Jason is in front and Jacob is in the back. The kids' were putting their hands in the water the entire ride and Isaiah was giggling pretty good. Kiersten got to do a bit more than Isaiah. My Mom and her beloved walked with Kiersten up the road aways with the inter tube and floated down a river that empties into the lake my grandparents cabin is in on. The outlet isn't too far from their dock so once you hit the lake you swim the inter tube over to the dock. She had a lot of fun and managed to escape a sunburn. She also went on a half day canoe trip with my beloved and I and my two brothers. She was funny trying to use the paddles to splash the boys' in the other canoe. She did get to hold a frog that Daddy caught for her when we stopped to rest. It was her goal for the trip. We have a shot on her camera that I'll have to upload. She did really well for the 4hrs we were on the river. Her echoes off the surface of the water were the best :) It is fitting that she got to do a few more special things since it was her birthday weekend. The little bugger turned 6! Amazing how fast she has grown up. Here is Kiersten and my Mom getting ready to walk to the river.

We also took a pontoon ride around the lake. Grandpa got rid of the speed boat several years back. He likes to cruise with the pontoon so out we went. Isaiah didn't get a nap and as you can see the boat lulled him to sleep. He fought hard but the gentle rocking won and he slept the entire hour we were out.

This is just a taste of our visit. More to come later! I will try to be a more faithful blogger and not let so much time pass between posts.


Margie said...

Awww! I love all the pictures, but especially the one of Isaiah asleep on the boat. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Becca L. said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Hope I get to see you soon more than just passing in the hall at church!

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