Thursday, June 4, 2009

So NOT Amused

Yep, I am not definitely not amused at being woken up just after 5am. This is the time our littlest family member has decided is their new wake-up time. Can I just share with you how super cheerful and fun I am at just after 5am? Scratch that. Can I share with you how super cheerful she is at this time of the day? I can do 6, although I prefer closer to 7. But 5?!

All I can think is that it is time for an investment into some blackout shades for Miss Katie's room. The sun is well over the horizon when I am stomping my way up to get little Miss Wakey Wakey. (We have already dug deep into our pockets once and purchased them for Kiersten & Isaiah's room as this was the same problem we had with them last year!) Sigh.

Well, I suppose these are the days you learn to lean extra hard on the Lord because you are more than well aware your attitude needs some serious adjusting. Nothing a good nap wouldn't cure, but since we all know that isn't happening God will have to be my One and Only. Aren't you glad you are merely reading the joy that is overflowing from my cup this morning instead of being here to share in it? :)

Ok, a little sarcasm and sense of humor will go a long way to making the day brighter. Although, it was plenty bright at 5. :) You've got to wonder if the Lord regrets sarcasm. Ah well, something to ponder another day. I'm off to get a warm cup of coffee and to paste a perpetual smile on my face to remind myself to count it all joy (I read and listened to your post on this Miss Pam. Now about the application.....working on it).


Margie said...

Coffee, seriously we must escape a few hours. How is the rest of this week or early next? let me know!

mummyof5monsters said...

lol, Fatboy is a 5am (if im lucky sometimes its 4) riser, and its winter here so pitch black when he gets up, blinds or not. He is always so happy, and im holding my eyelids open with my fingers...

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