Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Entertainment

(Since we’ve been immersed in all things potty training I thought a change of pace would be nice. You’re welcome. : ))

As the summer ended and Fall began we started to see more and more large spiders around the house. I say we, but I mean they (Beloved + children). Until I went out to take pictures I had not laid my eyes on the little, or not so little, buggers I knew to be infesting our yard.

To be sure I had been beckoned, “Mom! Come see the huge spider!”

 “Thanks so much. But I’ll pass.”

I leave all that spidery stuff, especially ones still out of doors, to my Beloved. (A spider inside the house? Different story altogether. I wouldn’t be able to rest until I knew I had done all I could to get it. Make no mistake, get it I would.)

Anyhow, what my Beloved decided to do once the spider was pointed out to him was catch a moth or some other small bug or insect and toss it into the web so the kids could watch the spider come down, sting its victim and wrap it up nicely.

That is some serious free family entertainment let me tell you! I’m not much amused by the whole display but then it isn’t me my honey was out to impress. The funny thing is that even though I avoided these ‘shows’ my Beloved would induce by throwing things into webs I recently ended up seeing that very thing. However it wasn't a spider in my backyard I was watching. (Thankfully.)

We are using Sonlight Core 3 as well as their science program this year for school. Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution is a DVD that is built into the curriculum. I am thankful the topic of evolution has come up. We’ve chatted a bit about it now and again but I think it is hard for Kiersten to understand what all evolution means, entails. (She’s still little. : )) What I am even more thankful for is how this DVD shows time and time again that all these different creatures (us included) are so complexly made and have such individualized tasks our bodies perform that there is just no way we evolved from some other type of animal. We have a creator, who is God, and in His awesome power and glory made all things unique…especially man, his most beloved creation, formed in his image, loved deeply and created to have a relationship with him.

But I am getting off topic.

The point is in this video there is section that shows a spider, a rather nasty looking bugger, catching something in his web, going in for the sting and then spinning his prey up in a nice neat and tidy package!

This same spider, or at least it looks a lot like the same spider (the big ones all start to look the same to me, scary and in need of killing), showed up in a library book Isaiah just adored that same week. This is it…

It is a picture book of letters found in nature. For the letter “X” wouldn’t you know the creepy crawly guy from the DVD would make an appearance. The kids just giggled when I would act grossed out and not even want to look at it. They would cover it, I would sigh with relief, they would uncover and I would cringe. Isn’t it a blessing kids are so easily prone to giggle? And in return make you giggle? : )

Nothing like spiders to keep a family entertained.


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That is one scary spider!!!

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