Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have decided to try to be intentional about seeing the goodness of God and giving thanks to him in the big and the small.

I find I can find fault easily. That bugs me. I know my perspective needs a different vantage point. In changing how I look at everyday things and in even taking the time to ponder the everyday things I figure to find more that I am pleased with than I am displeased with. And yes, I mean mostly in regards to my family.

Please don’t get me wrong. It isn’t them it’s me. : ) Ok sometimes it is them.

The point is I am with them day in and day out. They school at home so we are never apart. Living life together all day every day helps magnify those things that do get on your nerves…but only if you are looking for them.

So instead of looking for things that bug me I am going to try to look for things that bless me. To get an attitude of gratitude as Miss Ann would say. : ) The eyes of my heart need a new vantage point, a refocusing, to one of thankfulness. So here we go on our journey to counting 1000 blessings.

Let the thankfulness commence!

1. a baby who sleeps through the night

2. a husband who supports homeschooling

3. a husband whose job supports my being at home full-time

4. four healthy, happy children

5. a little girl who cries out as we near church, “Friends! I’m coming Friends!”

6. some serious progress on the potty training front

7. all things pumpkin (pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins…..)

8. a big man who gets right down to business with his school time

9. a daughter who has come around in her attitude towards school, math in particular

10. the sweetest smile an my baby boy’s face

11. dimples

12. Fall, the beautiful colors of leaves

13. a warm cup of something each morning (coffee, tea, hot chocolate)

14. quiet, the sound of all sleeping peacefully

15. a soft pillow on which to rest my head

Here’s to our journey of gratitude, being thankful in the everday- cheers!


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