Sunday, January 25, 2009

Handsome Isaiah

Where to begin? :) The biggest man is still the biggest whiner and the one to shed the most tears. We are working hard on getting him to say things without crying or using that whiny intonation. It is just automatic for him to break out the fuss when things don't go his way. He has also picked up a few sassy remarks or comments from Kiersten, which is not helping his cause!
Here he is playing under the chair with his beloved cars.

Enough about that. He is also going through potty training for a second time and doing quite well this time around. He was almost all potty trained (no #2 trained, then or now) in the summer, but then the Katie girl came of the scene. It took about 4 weeks or so for him to decide that he didn't want to be potty trained and I was in no condition energy wise to argue with the boy. So I waited until I had the time to invest and nothing to interfere with our staying home bound. Oh, sure we've had our 'accidents', though they have been very few and far between. We'll have to keep walking this out to see if success is in our future. (I will succeed for the boy is almost 4 and there is no turning back!) My mom just recently visited and here Isaiah is giving her some Eskimo kisses.

There is an assortment of funny little stories about him just now. One that comes to mind is praying. If I had the audio to back this up it would make it more effective, but we'll make do. Kiersten and I have Bible time to start off school each day and then we each pray - we take turns. Isaiah has caught on to the turn thing and has wanted a turn to pray to. He watches Kiersten a great deal and so starts out all his 'prayers' as she does. So in a quite voice you hear, "Thank you Jesus for (it gets quieter with each word)..... (gibberish, gibberish, unintelligible....this goes on for about 10 seconds or so) AMEN!" I started grinning and then I just barley held in a laugh the first time he did it. It is so precious and makes me smile every time.

One last story and then I'll call it quits. The two older ones were playing upstairs and as always happens after a short period of time one of them gets upset with the other. They each have something in mind and when the other won't comply their noses get all bent out of shape. In this instance Isaiah just wanted Kiersten to stay upstairs and play with him. She purposely chose to come downstairs knowing
he wanted to play with her. So what do I hear from him...(in the whiny, cry voice)"Mom. Kiersten's not being my best friend anymore." He adores her so and was heart broken. I had never heard him use the term best friend before and I thought it was sweet he thought she was his best friend. (Pretty sure she doesn't feel the same way, oh well!) Here he is with his best friend in their fort.


Margie said...

Oh I love the fort picture. Ainsley does get heartbroken when Aidan won't play with her as well which is why I encourage them to play together so much. They will always have each other.

momma's heart said...

Looks like their imaginations are alive and well! Great job mothering!

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