Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kiersten, a.k.a. 'Sweets'

Kiersten is her daddy's Sweets. That is his nickname for her and when he has used it in reference to me on occasion she quickly corrects him, "Hey! I am Sweets." He learned after only a few slip-ups to keep the name set apart only for her. :) Kiersten and her daddy have a bit in common. One thing they have is a sharp mind. Now, I am not meaning to infer that I don't have smarts or a sharp mind, I just have to work at it. Those two just 'get it' if you know what I mean. They're memories are unbelievable and what they remember even more so. We had to laugh when recently during Sunday school they had a Sunday of review from material learned through the summer up to then (November time). I was told by several people Kiersten was a great help to her group and she knew all the answers from way back when. (To be fair to the other kids' we were doing school throughout the summer and each day during Bible time went over Sunday school material.)

This brings me to what I was going to mention about Kiersten first - her learning. It is just over a year ago now we started homeschooling. I waited until after I quit my job (Thanksgiving) and the holiday season was over to begin. So we had a late start (which is why we were doing school in the summer). Our main focus was reading, math and handwriting. I am amazed at how well she can read just 1 year later. What a blessing! Oh, we have our days of attitude and rebellion against Mom being the teacher. As with everything it can't be great and wonderful every day. It has been fun to watch her grow in her learning and a privilege to be able to do it along side her.

She has also been learning a few things outside the house - namely dance. We enrolled Kiersten in dance class just this past Fall. It has been something she mentioned wanting to do last year and since she still had interest we went ahead. Can I just say she is precious to watch? :) She LOVES it and looks forward to it every week. She has taken to drawing a pair of ballet slippers on her calendar each Thursday of the month. Her teacher, Miss J, puts on the local Nutcracker production at Christmas time. Throughout our marriage going to the Nutcracker each Christmas became a tradition for us. Last year Kiersten went in my place and when she went this year it meant sooo much more. She came out twirling and pranced to the parking lot full of smiles with dreams of one day performing in the Nutcracker. :)


momma's heart said...

Those dancing photos are precious! Some photos are truly treasures, to be viewed time and again through the years. Most especially the ones with grandmas and grandpas in them!

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