Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down for the Count

We had survived any colds this winter until just last week. And like all things it must travel through every family member...and perhaps more than one time. The funny thing is it wasn't the same cold for each of us. Kiersten was the first to go down with a high fever and good cough. Isaiah was next with more of a stomach bug, low fever and, of course, a cough. I have the sinus type cold with what feels like an ear infection- just one side of the head, mind you. We were hoping to miss Katie, but alas that was too much to wish for. She has struggled the most with fever and the seal like cough. The humidifier is going and the Motrin is in ready supply. And lastly my Beloved has the start of a chest cold with, you guessed it, a good cough. So here we are a week later from where we began and the kids still aren't themselves. We have been laying around with blankies watching lots of cartoons- mostly Tom & Jerry :) and just waiting for it to run its course. Oh well, spring is near and cold season will soon be over!


Becca L. said...

I feel your pain. Kyra has been down for a week and I'm hacking myself. I think we need a mommy-cation after this one!

Margie said...

I hear you too. We started up with this yesterday. Mild yet, no fevers just little sniffles. I am hoping we will be well enough for our out of town trip this weekend, but we will see.

momma's heart said...

It's hard when everybody is down. I feel for you. Emily is ill with possibly a new cold. She isn't sleeping well due to the time change. Coupled with the cold, it's all making her whiny.

I loathe those time changes. Hubby and I barely notice them, but they always cause trouble with our kids.

I'll say a prayer about Katie's cough and fever. Hope it doesn't get worse.

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