Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Beat Up

I suppose that is what comes with learning how to keep your balance, but I sure have been feeling for the Katie girl. She is wanting so much to not be left out with what the other two kids are doing. She has taken to pulling herself up with whatever is in reach and standing up. Little did she know that she would continually fall and somehow manage to hit her chin or face on her way down! She also didn't realize that when someone gets up from the little rocking chair you are using to will tip over on you. She had a bruise on the top bridge of her nose into her right eye for a few days from that spill. She also took a tumble down the top 4 stairs...all wooden mind you (that one was all Mama's fault). Oh, was it a rough couple of days for her. I will say this for her, she is a quick learner. After those face hits on the table she has learned to gradually set herself down from standing position. It is quite graceful to watch and so much less painful! She is none the worse for her spills...and thankfully the smile never seems to be gone for long.


momma's heart said...

What a beautiful face!

I have two rough and tumble boys who have never sent me to the emergency because of accidents. They've only gotten bruises. Along comes my first girl, and she cuts her forehead three times in her first 26 months. Go figure.

Becca L. said...

Oh how they learn too quickly! Poor Katie girl!

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