Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lots of Love

As promised here are 2 of Kiersten's cards. The first is to Grandma Darlene for Valentine's Day. We always send Grandma a Valentine's package, I shouldn't say always - just every year she has been overseas. It can get lonely being so far away from home and loved ones. This is something Kiersten looks forward to doing because we go all out on the package. We put love notes inside with some chocolate, of course, and then proceed to cover the outside with all sorts of Valentine stickers. The package is unmistakable. What those mail men over there must think! Hope it makes them smile too. Anyhow, Kiersten illustrates her cards. She pays attention to the fine details and includes them in her drawings. Grandma is a put together woman - if you know what I mean. Her hair is done, make-up on, jewelry in place. So you'll notice that Grandma is the only one with 'special' lips, that is her lipstick :)

And here is my card. Although it lacks color it was done without any help from me. See, when Kiersten makes cards I write the words out for her on a separate sheet and then she copies them down. This one was all her (that is why Isaiah is Car boy!).

I couldn't not show the beautiful flowers my Mom sent for Valentine's to the house. They were gorgeous and helped brighten up the house. Hope everyone else was feeling the love on Valentine's too! :) What a blessing to love and be loved.


Becca L. said...

Car boy! Gotta love that! Cards like that are such a treasure! The flowers are beautiful. I am a huge fan of lilies!

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