Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eco Friendly Napkin

Yep, my children have come up with the perfect 'green' or Eco friendly napkin - bet you didn't know it was their hair! :) Now, I can't lump them all together in this because Kiersten never did it but Isaiah and Katie - what is it with those two? They eat, have messy hands and proceed to rub them through their hair...whereupon their hands get cleaned and you can guess how their hair looks. I will have to add a picture to this post later - as I am confident I can get one tomorrow (Katie does this EVERY time she eats!). Now I have to at least give Katie some grace - she is just shy of 9 months old and doesn't realize what she is doing. Isaiah on the other hand was seriously using his hair to clean his hands - that was his purpose. Other peoples' kids use their pants, but not my boy. :) We have worked on this with the biggest man and he has since gotten better. Although he went from rubbing his hands through his hair to rubbing them on my carpet - not sure the trade off is in my favor as his hair is easier to clean than my carpet!


Margie said...

Hey, Ainsley rubs them on the table or couch if we are in the living room. Not that this helps any, but I feel your pain.

Becca L. said...

Totally feeling your pain. Ian did this for the longest time too. Didn't you ever wonder why I keep his hair so short?

momma's heart said...

Daniel, my seven-year-old boy, finally stopped wiping his mouth on the shoulder of his shirt, just recently. I was forever using Spray n' Wash on the shoulders of all his shirts.

BTW: We do have and offer napkins at the table. I guess it took him awhile to notice them? Who knows.

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