Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Incredible Hulk

I forgot to add some things about moving day, the day we moved Isaiah into his own room. There was an ‘incident’, shall we say. I was resting and Isaiah came down to tell me that, “Kiersten broke her bed.” Of course as she is the expert tattle tailor he said it just a little to chipper like – finally able to get one in on her.

Some claims just beg to be investigated and since this sounded like it could mean trouble I went to see. Lifting up her mattress it was easy to see that two of the slats under her bed were busted.

My Beloved was just behind me coming up the stairs so he saw the damage just as soon as I did. Can I just say he was seriously hot under the collar! Kiersten knew she was in some serious, serious trouble. He ranted and raved a bit and then headed off to a hardware store to buy the necessary materials to fix the bed.

This afternoon when I received a call from my mom I was surprised to hear she knew about what happened. She called yesterday afternoon when I had laid down for 30 minutes or so and spoken to Kiersten and gotten the ‘news’. Today she called back, just as I was ready to leave for my doctor’s appointment (sorry for not having time Mom!), and had to share quickly that Kiersten had told her, “Daddy was as mad as the Incredible Hulk!” when she broke the bed. (She's into using similes constantly.)

Oh dear.

It made Mom laugh, me chuckle and gave my Beloved a good laugh as well. Kids, what would we do without them?


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