Thursday, January 21, 2010

In For It

I have thought this often with regards to little Miss Katie - we are in for it. She is definitely going to be our strong willed, and vocally so, child.

For instance last night we had to run a later errand, just after dinner. Since we were already going to be out and about I thought let’s kill two birds with one stone. So we went to church so I could finish some work…took me about 45 minutes or so. While I am there I put them into one of several of the Sunday morning kids’ rooms to keep them confined, busy and happy so that I am free to do what I need to do where I need to do it. When we come in we are normally there an hour to an hour and a half depending on how technology and I agree. :) So last night was rather short for them with regards to playtime at church.

Well, let me just say when we got home I had a seriously unhappy camper. She screamed, she cried, she grabbed her hat, coat and shoes and proceeded to head back to the door we had come in. She hung on the knob…cried some more, writhed on the floor…all while my husband and I were doing our very best to ignore that ornery little thing. This kept up for 10 minutes or so with no sign of slowing down or rather calming down.

Since we were at bedtime about when we reached home it was a simple executive decision to just pick that girl up who was now a mass of tears, still arching her back and place her in bed in the clothes she had on, the diaper she was in (had changed her an hour before) leaving her teeth unbrushed and handing her a cup of milk (I never do this but tonight it was more for my sake than hers since she hadn’t eaten much dinner and I was in no mood for a midnight snack call). We literally let her cry herself to sleep.

She woke in the night and offered me giggles and smiles so I knew there were no hard feelings…at least on her part! I on the other hand need to figure out just what is going to be effective in getting a handle on this strong willed 3rd child of mine. Sweet mother of mystery I hope she doesn’t send me to the funny farm!

Oh, and note to self: it is a BAD idea to run an errand that ends just about bed time.


mamabear said...

My Emily went through this at about this age, but it was short-lived. She might be just as sweet as the other two. Just wait. Loving your posts!

mamabear said...

Thank you for your sweet comments, by the way!

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