Monday, January 18, 2010

Persuasive Letter

The topic for one of Kiersten’s assignments this week was to write a persuasive letter. We mulled over a few topics she could use until she found the one she wanted. Then we made a list of 3 reasons she should use to build her case. I helped her with reason #2…she already had the right idea but I rephrased it for her (you’ll see in the letter, hence the correct spelling). She started the letter out to me and halfway through erased it and put the letter to Dad saying he was the one she really needed on convince. :) There is quite a bit of truth to that statement. We won’t go into how different she is when she asks things of her father vs. me. A whole other story for a whole other day!

She addressed the envelope, added her necessary art and then laid it on Daddy’s pillow for him to find later. Without further ado…let’s see if Miss Kiersten can persuade you.

January 14, 2010
1234 Our House
Familyville, USA

Dear Mom Dad,
I would like a puppy. Here are some reasons I think you should get me one. First of all I would feed and clean up after it. I would also take it to obedience school so it would listen and obey. Lastly it is fun to let it sleep on my bed.



Margie said...

Uh, haven't we been there, done that.

mamabear said...

How did Daddy respond? lol My older son wants a dog, and my older daughter wants a cat. We don't want either! Help!

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