Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Lonely First Night

Well, the Biggest Man's room is semi-done and at this point habitable. The only remaining issue is the flooring. We are going to carpet it but are still looking at the options (carpet tiles vs. carpeting the whole upstairs) and that will take a little while yet. So in the interim we ran to a local hardware store and purchased a few cheap rugs to put on the floor for now.

This is the room newly painted minus the molding around the base of the room (that was put in just after I took these).

Isaiah said he wanted blue so we went with a lighter blue for the walls. I am not a huge fan of lots of dark walls in a room but didn't necessarily want 'baby' blue either. Not sure if I won out on that last point...but the paint looked nice nonetheless and made Isaiah happy. :)

So this is the 'finished' room with the rugs and furniture. He was so excited to have 'his' room and was moving some books from the other room in so his bookcase wouldn't be empty. Kiersten kept trying to pawn off books that weren't her favorites to fill the shelves and it was funny to hear her offer and then him reply, "No thanks," and proceed to get the books he wanted.

The room isn't much, but it is something. We already had the bed (just separated the bunk beds for now) and the dresser. We grabbed the bookshelf from someone off of Craig's list for a very reasonable amount. Room sweet room.

Or so he thought until bed time.

Poor guy. He was so tired (fell asleep sitting up at 4:30ish) and yet he was still fighting sleep at 10 last night. Even though he could listen to his Jungle Jam every night it just wasn't the same without Kiersten in the room and the room wasn't the same. I sure did feel for him and yet knew he needed to tough it out.

This morning he asked me, "Mom, can I sleep with Kiersten again?"

To which I had to reply, "No, honey. You need to sleep in your own room now."

That was not met with a smile I can assure you. We'll see. It'll take some time. He adores that sister of his...and I am not utterly convinced the feeling isn't mutual as I don't think she slept the best last night either!


Margie said...

Aww, very sweet big boy room. He will get the hang of it. Missed you this holiday my friend, when you are feeling up to it maybe we can have a coffee morning soon.

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