Monday, January 4, 2010

Mutt, Jeff & Tallulah Girl

I always think Mutt & Jeff because that is what my dad always used to call my cousin Kjar and I. We are only 10 months apart and when we were younger and lived closer together we were the best of friends. So whenever we were together he called us Mutt & Jeff.

Kiersten and Isaiah are Mutt & Jeff...and then there is Tallulah Girl (don't ask, I don't know). Feisty that one is...but we'll save that for another post. Just wanted to show some pictures of the 2 together and the little one on her own since I have been slacking severely the last few months. :)

I also had to throw a picture in of me and my 'chicks'.

There was a funnier version where Isaiah threw his foot up and in the way of his face so all you see is his hinder sticking out and a foot where his face should be. Classic boy. :) He is such a nut. I'll have to capture some better pictures of him. I really adore the first one at the top where you see his genuine smile and can almost hear the laugh. Oh, that giggle. I shouldn't just say him because all three of them have that contagious laugh/giggle. Something I completely adore.

But I am going on a tangent. Just wanted to post some pictures. :) Have a wonderful day.


Margie said...

Loving all the smiles and especially the upside down sunglasses. Priceless! Have a great day!

mamabear said...

It sounds like you are feeling better! What a blessing. Great posts!

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